Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nothing too interesting

Today the weather is pretty much perfect. It's nice and warm, enough to break a sweat while walking (or at least while crutching), but sitting here on my balcony it's the perfect temperature. There's a nice cool breeze, the sun is out, the rooster that lives across the courtyard is being noisy (only ever in the afternoon though, never in the morning when it's supposed to)...

I didn't do anything super exciting today, I woke up, did my homework, talked to my parents on Skype for a while, went to lunch, went to a coffee shop, went to class. It's one of the first days that I've spent more of the day around the neighborhood than in the guesthouse, and it's done wonders to make me feel more like a real person and less like a gigantic walking, talking cast. It feels like I shouldn't let my ankle control my life as much as I do, but until you have to use them I think it's hard to understand exactly how limiting crutches are, especially in a country as foreign as this one.

That's all I have to say. Basically the point of this post is to say to my dear friends in cold, rainy Portland: I'm living in a wonderfully warm, tropical country. I win.

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